Morning Gloryville / “Rave Your Way into the Day!” SF Launch | Heron Arts | WED JUNE 25

Morning Gloryville / “Rave Your Way into the Day!” SF Launch | Heron Arts | WED JUNE 25


Morning Gloryville SF Launch Party

“Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way into the Day!” started in London in MAY 2013 and has since expanded globally!

The New York offshoot has recently been featured in Wall Street Journal.

MG is an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to challenge morning culture and start their day in style! We’re on a soul shaking mission to turn clubbing upside down and transform mornings into something truly remarkable!

Launch Event Date: June 25, 2014

w/ Bells & Whistles + Rachel Torro !
Event Time: 6:30-10:30am
Event Venue Name: Heron Arts
Event Venue Address: 7 Heron St (San Francisco, CA 94103)
Ticket Price: $15 – $20


On Wednesday June 25th Morning Glory Experiences Ltd, a London (UK) based events company will launch its unique early morning dance experience entitled Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into The Day!’ in San Francisco.

Morning Gloryville started in May 2013 and is the trailblazer in conscious clubbing and socializing. It is a whole-hearted movement that challenges societal norms, turns clubbing on it’s head, and in doing so, gives people a healthy and sustainable means of expression.

Now Morning Gloryville is coming to San Francisco—the home of self-expression and passionate open-minded people who love to try new things. San Franciscans will be invited to rejig their usual morning routines and try a brand-new—sober— style of clubbing between 6.30am and 10.30am, before heading to work.

On arrival attendees—who are named ‘citizens’— will be welcomed by Morning Gloryville ‘Wake Up Angels’ offering free massages, alongside fresh smoothie and coffee bars, a line-up of world-class DJs, a motivational dance team, and a pumping dance floor. There will also be yoga teachers leading small group classes that attendees can dip into at their will. ‘Dress to sweat’ is the general dress code, but anything goes. Color and fun festival gear is encouraged. The only rules are sobriety and authenticity –allowing for the mask to come off and that raw inner you to be unleashed!

The first-of-its-kind Morning Gloryville concept was introduced to London in May last year and has already taken the city by storm. The monthly morning event now attracts more than 800 attendees, has an online following of several thousand, and has been featured extensively in UK and international press.

“Our primary aim in creating these events is to infuse connectivity, energy and wellbeing into the city”, says founder Samantha Moyo. “Besides being a vigorous workout, Morning Gloryville offers city-dwellers from all backgrounds, ages and professions a fun healthy way to relax their minds, shake off their inhibitions and plug into the energy of ‘oneness’. The overwhelming response from our attendees is that the positive energizing experience leads to them being more enthusiastic, productive and empowered at work. Go to an interview after Morning Gloryville and you will get the job. If not, money back guarantee.

We can’t wait to kick things off in San Francisco, a city that’s full of passion, creativity and open-minded people who love to try new things.”

Morning Gloryville will not just become the new San Francisco trend for 2014, it will expand into a global social movement characterized by mindful living: With urbanization on the rise and culture becoming increasingly tech-saturated, there is a growing desire to experience life in a more conscious and mindful way.

“The simple yet explosive experience of really letting go with hundreds of others in a bright and welcoming environment, while sober, was far easier than I expected. After about twenty minutes of toe tapping there was nothing for it but three and a half hours of raving like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, however, there was an entire day to spread the vibes nurtured by the beaming smiles that surrounded us for those four hours of blissful celebration. Being part of that one celebration filled me with a passion to spread the vibe and the news of Morning Gloryville’s arrival in my hometown of Brighton has been received with open arms.” – Jim Mitchell, Morning Gloryville Brighton Agent

London Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into the Day attendees:

“It’s literally turned my life around! I live for my Glorified mornings!”

“Best start to the day ever! Can doctors prescribe this?”

“Best wake up call ever! I never have that big a smile on my face as I walk into the office!”

About Morning Glory Experiences Ltd

Morning Glory Experiences Ltd is an events company that creates monthly sober early morning dance experiences, entitled ‘Morning Gloryville ~ Rave Your Way Into the Day! encouraging its community to lead a conscious, joyful and inspired life.

Morning Gloryville (formerly named ‘Morning Glory’)was born when Samantha Moyo, an experienced event producer and creative, and Nico Thoemmes, a professional body-worker, came together to create an experience for London city-dwellers that would shift their perceptions of mornings, and clubbing, and increase their wellbeing.

Morning Gloryville has since evolved, and received worldwide media acclaim hailing its unique concept that demonstrably boosts the positivity, happiness and productivity of its attendees, and the community as a whole.

Morning Gloryville has already launched in New York and is set to launch in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brighton, Dublin, Paris, Tokyo, West London and Zurich this summer, and in more cities across the globe by the end of the year.

Morning Gloryville SF San Francisco

Morning Gloryville

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