1. The highest concern of humanity is the Combined Common Good of the human community, the biosphere and its biodiversity.
2. Life, in all its forms, is rare, precious and free to flourish within the Combined Common Good.
3. Every person is an equal citizen of the human community, without label, stigma or privilege.
4. Every person has access to all the requirements of a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling life; freely and without subordination, debt or obligation.
5. All energy and inanimate resources at our disposal are the common ownership of all people, and are allocated according to the needs of the Combined Common Good.
6. Every person accepts that global resources are finite, and the necessity for minimal consumption and waste.
7. Every person acknowledges that they are a single part of a single community, which relies on all its members equally for survival and progress.
8. We acknowledge the efficacy and impartiality of the scientific method and its application as our primary means of problem-solving.
9. We recognise the necessity of a relevant education for our children, and our duty of care to community members unable to contribute or sustain themselves.
10. Every person accepts our collective responsibility to persons yet unborn, and to maintain a diverse and sustainable biosphere for future generations to enjoy.

The Free World Charter:
What is The Free World Charter?

The Free World Charter is a document that proposes an advanced alternative society that uses no money, is free, fair, and sustainable. It is based on common sense, science and survival, and is neither political nor religious.


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