French Express // Volume 2


“real good feel good dance music check back every other day for music tips & other updates as we share with you our culture . . . ♞


Company Overview

—your favorite indie dance record label
—your super niche artist collective
—your religious tropical disco movement
—your crusaders against the crapola
—your protectors of the feel good
—and much, much more …


we’re not the record label who chases lifestyle for limelight. hype is a currency we were born exchanging…


chris malinchak
jonas rathsman
uniforms for the dedicated
diles mavis
moon boots

some random love & dap:

“You guys may churn out the hits a little slowly but damn are those hits worth the wait. god damnit french express is the merchant of cool” Erling Thompson

“Jeremy Glenn, whose interview we’ll be publishing this week, was very nice to recommend French Express to Selector Series. We seriously thank him. This label has got an eye for dance-floor bombs.” Selector Series

” I dig almost everything Leon makes with his French Express label and everything he signs! He has the eye.” The Magician

“whoa you guys are on a roll ! throwing up disco party hits back to back all day keep it up…” Paul Lockma”

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