Blackout Party aka Lose Your Shit / Peter Black’s ‘Official’ Retirement Party // Meadowlark Bar // Denver, Colorado // Friday, July 6, 2012

Facebook Event Page:

“Please join me as I gracefully exit the building and move into other realms. It’s been a tremendous run for myself in Denver with more then 20 years behind the mixer as a DJ and so many parties, events, festivals, friends, faces, after-hours, bars, clubs, warehouses and more! Whew….

I started my whole career with the Step-On Crew helmed by the legendary Denver DJ K-Nee, Big Styles, Swingsett & L7, at a groundbreaking bar called City Spirit Cafe on 15th and Blake street in the very early 90’s (when Devner still had viaducts in Lower Downtown). The basis of the party was primarily a British Soul & Acid Jazz night.

Times moved on and like any crew that was on the pulse the party evolved as well as the invitations I received to DJ at nearly every local venue (and otherwise). A small sampling? 23 Parrish, Rock Island, Meadowlark Bar, Larimer Lounge, Vinyl, Bar Standard, Beauty Bar, The Garage, La Rhumba, 15th Street Tavern, Lost Lake, City Spirit Cafe, Tooey’s, Delite, The Snake Pit,Mercury Cafe, Monkey Mania, Hi Dive, Rhinoceropolis, Further Shop, Walnut Room, Twist & Shout, Bluebird Theater, Cervantes, Double Daughters, Sputnik, Red Rocks, and many many more.

Stylistically the story always evolved: Drum & Bass, R&B, Acid Jazz, Funk, 2-Step, UK Gararge, Afrobeat, House, Indie-Dance, Deep House, Detroit Techno, Minimal, Noise, Industrial, Dub, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Dirty South, Tribal, Experimental, Goth and more. I’ve done it all and relish the fact that I’ve played so many styles and played with SO MANY wonderful local DJ’s, Bands, Collectives, Crews and Artists.

Anyway in the words of so many that have come before me: “It’s been a long run baby”. All good things must come to a close and hopefully evolve into other things. Unlike so many other people, I’m not running off to one of the coasts or another place to find success. I found success and it was always with my community here in Denver. That’s all I ever wanted. I owe each and every one of you that have ever attended any of my functions, danced to one of my sets, talked with me, downloaded any of the mixes we put out, played one of the tapes or cd’s we gave out, wrote about me, brought friends to hear me etc. the biggest hug and sincere THANK YOU.

Please drag yourself out and have a last dance with me.

Special guest DJ’s working the mix all night long:

Max Klaw
DJ Love (Manny Madrid-Guiterez)
and more plus of course your’s truly

Peter Black
Analog Space

Meadowlark Bar
Friday July 6th 2012
Free Entry // 21 + id required
Doors 9pm – 2am”

Want to learn more about Peter Black?
“Peter Black on growing up around music, So What! and the importance of community” by Tom Murphy/Westword:

Lose Your Shit / PDR BLK // Peter Black Blackout Party // Meadowlark Bar // Friday, July 6, 2012


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