Holes to Heavens Weekly/Burning Man Astrology Report // August 27 – September 2, 2012

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Holes to Heavens Weekly Report: Aug 27th-Sep 2nd

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” – Joseph Campbell

Monday, August 27 // Capricorn Moon

Under a serious waxing Capricorn Moon, 60 thousand “Burners” begin their weeklong journey into realms of unspeakable human potential, finding their way between the polarities of debaucher-us behavior and unfathomable impermanent art!  All the while, the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is feeling the end of Summer, the start of a new school year, and preparing for some kind of harvest.  On this memorable day, the Moon also opposes Venus, creating an unsettled feeling in our hearts around love, relationship, and finance.  The best way to work through this potential storm is to allow the Moon to work its course.  Let the feelings emerge, let them fall from your longing eyes, and know that everything is working out perfectly!

Tuesday, August 28 // Moon Moves Into Aquarius Early Afternoon

Art by Android Jones

As Luna’s belly blooms towards Fridays Full Moon, her electric tendrils attempt to spread like mycelium desiring to merge and form stronger communal networks.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), today’s Moon also squares Saturn and Mars throughout the days passage.  As idealistic as we may be feeling today, we will be equally tested.  A feeling of gravitational limitation could be pushing at your shoulders and creating a bit of friction which can easily mutate from frustration and into rage if you aren’t careful.  Work it out, sweat it out, sit with it, and do your best to cultivate some calm patience.  This too shall pass.


Wednesday, August 29 // Moon in Aquarius

Every year and a half or so, the Nodes of the Moon (Evolution of Consciousness) change signs.  This happens today as the Nodes move from Sag/Gemini into Scorpio/Taurus.  Having the North node of the moOn in Scorpio is like taking the blue flower Bruce Wayne had to consume in Batman begins.  A hallucinogenic journey straight into the heart of what we fear most.  In Bruce’s case: Bats!!!  Batman is the best comic example of the path of Scorpio:::

Experience Trauma ~ Live with it, be ruled by it ~ Face it ~ Become it ~ Gain Superhero status ~

The Sun in Virgo also perfectly trines Pluto today (the ruler of Scorpio, our new North node and Dragon head) bringing our Spirit into a genuine alignment of grace with the Lord of the Underworld.  Find this light and blast it lovingly into the depths of your own “Bat cave.” Name the dragon.  Ride it!


Thursday, August 30th // Moon Moves into Pisces Early Eve

Art by Android Jones

Just an hour before the Moon moves into visionary Pisces, she squares the Nodes.  Timing is everything.  Its kinda humorous and perfect to think that just a day after the Nodes change their sign vibration, the mOon has to experience the frictional polarity in all of its glory.  With one foot in our new world and the other strapped solid in the old, today will be full of deepening our experience of what this change is all about.  Think back to the Leo New moOn on the 17th: What did you intend? What did you plant?  How is it coming true? How are you being tested by it right now? God speed.  May you succeed and celebrate fruition on the blue moon of morrow!!!


Friday, August 31 // Once in a Blue Pisces Moon

Here it is: Our 2nd Full Moon of the month of August – The Blue Moon! Illuminating our deepest assumptions about reality and what we are calling in through our dreams, this Moon will shine bright into the Unconscious realms of both the Collective and the Individual imagination.  What is your dream? How are you attempting to actualize it?

How have you sketched out your version of the future? Do you have any idea what you are moving towards, or are you sleep walking like most of the world? Dream up your dream, grab the wheel, and take off.

Once the vision has been secured in the fabric of dream time, we can then take off confidently into the first destination we are called to visit on the endless journey of dream weaving.


Saturday, September 1 // Moon Moves into Aries Before the Witching Hour

Art by Android Jones

Cycles within cycles, times within spaces, spirits within bodies, and every month the Moon crossing the Aries point, offering a subtle sweet spot for new beginnings.  In the wake of the Blue Moon, our emotional bodies receive a fiery boost, hopefully gifting us the needed energy to carry our gifts into a new day filled with our new way.  The Moon is in perfect harmony with both the Nodes and Venus today, which will help the blessing force become actualized in real time.  May this day be good to you!


Sunday, September 2 // Moon in Aries

Art by Android Jones

I have been talking about the Pluto/Uranus square for quite some time.  If you have been listening to my podcast or reading my blogs, you should be familiar with this game changer of a Transit.  On the collective level it is the worldwide stir for change.  You can see it in the Occupy movement, the tumult in the Arab world, and even in the Dark Knight tragedy.  But on a personal level, its more directed at our own fear of change.  Think of yourself as the US government and you are protecting your deepest behavior that ensures your security.  This pattern is generated around fear (Pluto).  The goal is to liberate ourselves from this unhealthy habituation.  We can do this through Uranus.  And so, by facing our deepest fear we can experience the biggest breakthrough of our lives.  If we don’t, well…..we may end up face down on the Playa, in the ashes of the Man (metaphorically speaking of course)

From Holes in Heavens:

..:: If you would like to explore these Transits or your chart in general more deeply, you can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM.  I also teach individual classes if you would like to learn Astrology::…




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