Daegon / JNR // Banging Techno sets ::010

Daegon / JNR // Banging Techno sets ::010

If you haven’t heard Daegon yet, check this set out + try to catch him on tour! He makes Denver proud. :)

” Monday, August 8 · 9:00pm – 11:00pm – UK (GMT)
2pm (US – Mountain Standard Time)

BANGING the Digital airwaves on fnoob.com.

Bringing you another 2 hours of Banging Techno sets, this time courtesy of Daegon and JNR (who we welcome back for the second time :) )

Daegon (AKA Chad Kaska), born may 10, 1987 in Denver CO, was turned on to electronic music in 2000 at the age of 13. He developed a deep interest in all forms of electronic music as it resonated with a part of him from his peculiar childhood which was littered with unexplainable (and possibly other-worldy) events.

Suspected alien exploitation through various unknown means has now led Daegon (AKA Chad Kaska) to produce a unique quality throughout his productions. Speculation on the events that have led to his production methods range from alien matter left behind during probing to a supposed neurological rewiring of sorts…
Chad began mixing records in 2006 and felt a draw to produce his own music in the key of minimal.

“I was looking for a specific sound and a way to express myself.In 2008 is when I really started to produce… A sound that comes from the depths.”

Within a short period of time he has caught the distinguishing ear of renowned producers and discerning fans alike. He has released on respected labels such as Machine Box, Android Muziq, Der Hut & Eminor.

Serious when approaching the knobs, he lets loose his repertoire of dark slamming noise upon the crowd. His performances are an experience with a telling vibe and an inspiration evoked from the unknown.


Hallo-Japan Booking Agency

For all other requests contact: Takephase@gmail.com

On the techno channel of http://fnoob.com/radio/tec​hno-radio

Check the dj’s stuff on Soundcloud>>
Daegon – http://soundcloud.com/daeg​on
JNR – http://soundcloud.com/jnrg​uy

Fan Page’s:
Daegon – http://www.facebook.com/pa​ges/Daegon/247721194574

Banging Techno sets on Facebook:

FNOOB APP on FACEBOOK: http://apps.facebook.com/f​noobtechno/

Get involved! Bringing the Noise of the Underground!
Peace everyone! :)


Daegon (1st hour)

Gas – As Sleep (Daegon Remix)
Tess Wassila – Abnormal Energy (Daegon Remix)
Memnok – Olthoi (Daegon Remix)
Daegon – Never Coming Back
Daegon – Hide Out
Miss Sunshine – Unmold (Daegon Remix)
Daegon – M45
Eiht – Behold & See (Daegon Remix)
Felix Lorusso – Multiple Oppression (Daegon Remix)

01 – NHB, Fabrizio Pettorelli – Night Warriors – (Concepto Remix)
02 – Paride Saraceni & Dema – Kobra – (Original Mix)
03 – Sasha Carassi – Walk Over
04 – Gary Beck – Egoist – (Gary Beck and Speedy J Remix)
05 – Virgil Enziger & Submerge – Eternal Flame – (Original Mix)
06 – Mark MorriS – Hybrido – (A-brothers remix)
07 – Virgil Enziger Submerge – Fractionated – (Original Mix)
08 – Dandi & Ugo – Kasta E Dura – (Wave Form Remix)
09 – Tony Rohr – Eden Acid – (The Advent and Industrialyzer Remix)
10 – System Escape – Nineteen Eighty-Four – (Original Mix)
11 – Deh Noizer – Elevator
12 – The Advent – Kosmos  ”


Daegon Tour

Daegon Tour

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