Shea Delany // January 2013 Digitally Imported ( Mix (Deep Tech)

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Shea Delany. Go Denver, CO. ;)

Shea on:
Can be tough sometimes but it’s worth it and it’s the obstacles and how you deal with them  that make you who you are
The greatest thing that there is for me personally, music is everything
What happens when you’re making music or out on the dance floor
Shea Delany

Shea Delany

A rising force in the world of all house genres, Shea Delany’s productions have been supported by many of the top names and publications in the industry. A resident of Beta’s Beatport lounge and veteran DJ of the Denver club scene he is also a co owner along with CNR (Conor) of Pet Project Recordings.
Pet Project Recordings

Pet Project Recordings


Pet Project Recordings was founded in the summer of 2012 by Shea Delany and CNR with the intention of propagating tech house and house for a thriving electronic audience in the city of Denver, Colorado.

Noticing that while there were many labels bringing this sort of the music to the masses throughout Europe but not nearly as many ion the U.S. and in the home of Beatport nonetheless, the Pet Project team set out to change this.

Teaming up with Punchis’ Beatport Lounge residency, Pet Project threw their first teaser party involving Martinez which went off with much fanfare. Since then the label has already secured work form several of the other artists that have come through on the Punchis nights and intends to continue to do so, creating a symbiosis between a top notch rotation and a top notch label.

The labels 1st release PP001 featuring Denver local and favorite Jaceo and other heavy hitters Horatio, Superjunk and Hector Moralez has already generated a buzz throughout the international music scene and the support from some of tech house and house musics biggest names has been pouring in by the day.

With upcoming releases featuring names such as James Talk, Jay Tripwire, and Panos and Sentenza to name a few, Pet Project is sure to leave an immediate mark on the dance scene bit here in Denver and worldwide.

Pet Project Soundcloud // Pet Project Beatport

Fave song of the set (still can’t get over it – ha): Pillowtalk // Soft

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