Burning Man 2013: Control Tower, Opulent Temple’s 11th Annual White Party w/ Dancetronauts!

Control Tower Control Tower 2013

On Wednesday, August 28, check out Opulent Temple’s 11th Annual White Party at Burning Man w/ Dancestronauts!

Some footage from Burning Man 2012 and Opulent’s White Party via kikkums aka Rainbow Raccoon!

AudioPixel / Control Tower Facebook Page

60′ of flaming, laser shooting terror that you can play like a child…
Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit building big!
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Part tubeworm wafting gently near a hydrothermal vent, part Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower, all color shifting madness, Control Tower’s slender organic form sweeps delicately up from a base approximately 20′x20′ wide to an overall height of approximately 60′.

And then we bolt on a couple giant lasers, top secret interactivity, experimental flame effects, and probably an elevator;)

Lots more detail over on our website: www.control-tower.net

Control Tower – control-tower.net


AudioPixel is excited to be involved with the creation of Control Tower – 60′ of interactive illumination. The project is being led by IAM (International Arts Megacrew) the crew that brought Megatropolis to Burning Man in 2010, and created the Temple of Transition in 2011.

Control Tower will be a 60′ massive platform making its debut at Burning Man 2013. Every aspect of the tower will be interactive, from the never before seen experimental flame effects, to the massive & dazzling array of RGB lasers, to the shifting patterns that play across the entire surface of the artwork.

Donate to Control Tower to help us make it as big as possible!


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