Pattern Drama

I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of Pattern Drama in the future. Keep an eye out for them!

Thanks Pattern Drama + Touch of Class Records + Music is 4 Lovers!

via Soundcloud:

” A duo comprised of Verboten NY’s resident DJ of and co-founder of Bespoke Musik Mr. Rami Abousabe in conjunction with well established Producer and DJ-Corey Baker, from the UK trio Wildkats. This Podcast encompasses the essence of what is Pattern Drama a reinvented sound on behalf of both individual artists coming together as one.

The mix is a trip of sorts through the mind of these two talented producers who in this occasion take you on a journey of sophisticated melodies and mind bending basslines, all blended seamlessly and tastefully. The mix also is an introduction to the duo’s debut EP on Touch Of Class Records called “Sweet Romance” ..We are very excited to have the boys on board with us, and through this podcast you should see why. So without further ado, We present to you, Pattern Drama.

EP Preview here:

Please feel free to download and share. We hope you enjoy the music and will follow Touch of Class Records and Pattern Drama into 2014.

Find us online:

Touch Of Class Records:

SoundCloud: @touch-of-class-records
Resident Advisor:

Pattern Drama:

SoundCloud: @pattern-drama
Resident Advisor:

This goes too well… Haha!


Pattern Drama

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