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Booka Shade | In Session / Mixmag

Booka Shade - In Session - Mixmag

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01. Den Sorte Skole – Lektion3
02. Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru
03. Charlie – Spacer Woman`
04. Ten Walls – Requiem / Yello – Tub Dub
05. Patrice Baumel – The Woods
06. Booka Shade – Kalimera
07. Tricky – Lovecats
08. Mathew Jonson – Level 7 (Dixon Remix)
09. Booka Shade – Twister
10. Tiga – Plush (Ame Remix)
11. Azari & III – Change Of Heart
12. Booka Shade – Love Drug
13. M.A.N.D.Y. – Superstitious (Just Be Deep Mix)
14. Booka Shade – Perfect Time / Love Inc
15. Siriusmo – High Together
16. Booka Shade – Only When You Wake Up


Charlie | Spacer Woman ( Lyrics)

Charlie I’m a Spacer Woman
Don’t you worry bout me
I don’t want to hurt you
I just want to love you

We can start it over
Come on be my lover
You will be my danger (?)
Let me be your stranger (?)

I want to know
I need your love
I can’t go wrong
I must be sure

I come from Space
I want to know
If i can do
My love is true

” For the final In Session before Christmas we thought we’d do something special. We’ve enlisted one of the biggest duos in electronic music, an act that have pioneered their way through the scene and, after releasing five albums, have cemented themselves in dance music history. Yes, it’s Booka Shade.

Hailing from Germany, Arno and Walter have been gracing our stereos for over 10 years and there’s no sign of the pair letting up. They released their new album ‘Eve’ this year with the lead single ‘Love Inc’ doing the rounds and seminal tracks such as ‘Body Movement’, ‘In White Rooms’ and ‘Charlotte’ are all sure-fire party starters.

With a stunning live show and an on-stage energy like no other, getting these two in for a mix was a no brainer. With tracks by Dixon, Âme, Tiga and Doctor Dru this is an eclectic set that’s guaranteed to get you dancing off that Christmas hangover.

The new album by Booka Shade, ‘Eve’ is out now ”

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