TOC (Touch of Class) Podcast Episode 004 | Low Tide

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” Los Angeles based DJ and production duo Low Tide are making waves, showcasing their talent through a depth and emotion that resonates with a variety of musical souls. Respected and passionate artists Michael Sandler, aka SAND, and Joshua Finley share a creative vision and are continuous in their efforts to utilize technical skill and refined taste to bring a unique sound to the forefront of the scene. The encouragement of friends and colleagues joined with collective experience have acted as significant factors fueling a relentless pursuit in the studio to create a vibration of their own, already catching the attention of hotly tipped labels such as Touch of Class and Motek.

Low Tide are not just producers, they are DJs, and their sets have gained them notoriety due to their understanding on how to create and feed the vibe in any given setting. Their fluid and melodic sets have taken them from the coasts of the US to Mexico. In recent months they have played alongside prominent acts such as Tone of Arc, Till Von Sein, Francesca Lombardo, Climbers, Signal Flow, Balcazar & Sordo, Silky, and Pattern Drama.

With humble heads and open hearts, Low Tide are ready for what the future holds and plan on working with determination to uphold the sophisticated and alluring sound they aspire to symbolise.

Find us online:

Touch Of Class Records:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/touchofclassrecords
SoundCloud: @touch-of-class-records
Resident Advisor: www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=8972

Low Tide:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowtidemusicLA
SoundCloud: @low-tide-music

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Low Tide

TOC (Touch of Class) Podcast Episode 004 | Low Tide

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