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Heavy winds, rain, hail, snow, heat came as a surprise but we definitely EARNED our right to party.

With our shared struggle, our Desert HEARTS grew stronger…

Love the DH Family + already miss everyone! Until next time! MUAH!

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Desert Hearts Spring Festival 2014 Sunset Write Up


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We’ve finally come back down to earth after Desert Hearts Spring Festival and we’ve begun processing what we witnessed this past weekend… Where do we even begin trying to describe the legendary experience we just shared together??? I guess we’re just going to have to take it from the top…

On the morning of Thursday, April 24th, we received a thick stack of documents from the city of Apple Valley basically outlining all of the legal codes we were violating by hosting our Desert Hearts Spring Festival. Despite our best efforts to keep the location low profile, the city officials of Apple Valley had done their homework and they made it very clear that if we went forward with the event, they would take the necessary steps to shut it down as soon as it started. This news absolutely rocked our world in the worst kind of way, but we decided then and there to stick to our guns and stand up for what we believe in.

Despite the event being less than 24 hours away, our newest crew member of Desert Hearts, Andy Crane, spent the entire time leading up to the event talking on the phone with every lawyer in town. Miraculously, we found one who knew exactly what he was talking about and said we had a fighting chance. Instead of prepping and building for the event like we normally would on Friday, our day was spent getting every legal duck in a row for what was sure to be a showdown with police and city officials.

True to their word, no less than 15 minutes after the music started on Friday, we heard the 1st sound of a police helicopter flying over the event. A few minutes later the convoy of police SUVs arrived at the property ready to shut us down. But we were ready for them. Just as they had prepared a stack of code violations for us, we had prepared an equally thick stack of documents outlining why we were exempt from those violations. We had too much riding on the line for failure to be an option. The amount of love and energy going into this event was something we could never give up on. We love this community to death and truly believe we are doing something that is for the greater good of mankind. This is about the greatest thing that our world needs right now. This is about family. This is about LOVE.

As Andy and Marbs faced off against a platoon of police, firefighters, and a code inspector, everyone inside the event huddled in their tents praying for a miracle. In the end, law enforcement and city officials treated us very fair and ethically and we would like to thank them for doing their jobs with honor. They gave us the option to either shut the event down immediately or pay a number of fines. After weighing the options it was unanimously decided that the beats must go on!

After shaking hands with law enforcement, the interaction ended with mutual respect and on really good terms. As the chopper disappeared out of sight and the convoy made its way down the hill, we flipped the switch on the Funktion Ones and a cheer erupted throughout the campground. Desert Hearts was on and it was time to bask in all it’s glory—or so we thought. Mother nature wasn’t about to let us have victory that easy…

As we headed into Friday night, it was clear we were in for something unanticipated. The wind began to pick up drastically and at around 10pm we got hit by full on hurricane rain. Everything from the speakers to the DJ booth had to be covered in tarps, yet the storm couldn’t stop the music. Just as the storm was hitting maximum velocity and the event was becoming more of a survival than a dance party, the most magical thing we’ve ever witnessed happened. It began to snow. We held our event on April 25th hoping that it wasn’t going to be too hot, and here we were dancing in a fairy tale white wonderland.

The frigid temperature ended up being a blessing in disguise. It only brought everyone closer together as groups of strangers banded together to share warmth and good vibes. The rhythm and the love carried everyone through the night into one of the most extraordinary Southern California sunrises we have ever seen.

As the snow let up and the fiery sun peaked over the horizon, the sounds of John Dill’s melodical beats floated victoriously through the hearts and the minds of everyone present. We had made it from hell and back and the beauty in this moment was overwhelming. The sun shown red on the snow covered campground and sheer joy permeated the look on everyone’s face. This seemed much more like a dream than reality. This is what Desert Hearts is all about.

The next 48 hours were nothing short of extraordinary. The weather for the rest of the weekend was perfect and the amount of musical bliss we experienced was unlike anything we could have ever dreamed of. There wasn’t a weak link on the lineup and every DJ brought their A-Game. From seasoned veterans like DJ T. and Tim Green to our contest winners Tripsy and Rachel Torro, this was hands down the best 70 hour stretch of music of our lives. Add to that the best party vibe in the history of mankind, and we had successfully created House Heaven.

We’d like to thank all of the DJs for absolutely smashing it, our sound crew at Funkworks for the best sound system ever, Symbiotic Creations for another stage masterpiece, Wolverine and his unparalleled medical staff for ensuring the safety of our guests, the city officials of Apple Valley for treating us fairly and with respect, Liminal Spaces Project for existing to create art, Live in Love Lounge for feeding and nurturing our people, our Pile Palace family for creating the supreme location of leisure, our amazing volunteer coordinator Persepsion and all her loving minions of volunteers, Marcus Zavala’s professional crew of fun loving security, Diana and everyone at Oak Springs Ranch for providing the venue and working with us to make this all possible, and finally all of you for believing in our vision and making this family what it is today. Love is what it’s all about and it’s clear that all of you have it in your hearts. This is only the beginning and together we are going to change the world. We Are All Desert Hearts.

Love Always,
Your Desert Hearts Crew
Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, Kristoff, Andy Crane, & Deep Jesus

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Desert Hearts Spring Festival 2014 Sunset Write Up

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