Steyoyoke White Meets Black | Soundcloud Sets | Kosmonaut Berlin | Dec 26, 2014

Line-up // Pete Oak + Soul Button + Dahu + Talul + Nick Devon + Whomi + MPathy + Skena

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via RA Event: “During its first 8 weeks of existence, Steyoyoke Black has effortlessly earned its place as a sister label for Steyoyoke Recordings. So now that Steyoyoke Black is officially launched and enjoying some very early success, it’s time for another label party to welcome the new sub label.

Bringing both Black and White together under the same roof with two dance floors, is an exceptional concept that is sure to bring the Steyoyoke love and vibe. The party will take place at Kosmonaut on December 26th and with so many things to celebrate, this double label night will be a mile stone event not to be missed.

Bringing the essence of all things dark to the ‘Black Room’ line up, is Skena + Whomi (back to back), as well as Pete Oak, Nick Devon and Dahu. Fronting up for the ‘White Room’ will be Soul Button, Talul and MPathy. We are super excited for this event and hope to see all the usual faces, as well as some new ones too. Remember to keep the date free so you can come party with us!”

Steyoyoke White Meets Black | Kosmonaut Berlin | Dec 26, 2014



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