Boiler Room Tulum Diynamic Takeover Solomun Adriatique, HOSH, Thyladomid, Madalena


Some record labels are not destined to be ignored. Playing home to the likes of David August’s glinting chord-work and Stimming’s dreamy tech knocks at their titanic showcase formats, the Diynamic family with their Do It Yourself motto has been provoking club floor rapture for almost a decade now – and this tribe of artist kinfolk only seems to grow by the day.

Captained by the kingpin psyche of Mladen Solomun, the Hamburg based emissary first started assembling multi-faced personalities circa 2006, fathering a loyal family of in-house producers that pitches bruise-inducing bass novelties through both its main label channel and the slightly more experimental branch 2DI4. Diynamic is all about dancefloor-resuscitating health kits kept in thousands of DJ memory sticks, and about the euphonious Moog-core hymns played in the apex moments of a Hamburg night out, but this family roster actually has a broader musical bedrock than most would think. That’s why, after their appearance in the BPM festival and ahead of their Tulum showcase broadcast, we decided to ask the team – main man Solomun, Swiss duo Adriatique, Chopin inspired Thyladomid, and former Ego Club femme chief Magdalena – about their unusual musical roots; revealing a different shade within the label’s signature sound.


BR LATAM: Diynamic’s main credo comes from a punk philosophy in the 80s, which you’ve referenced in your label’s name. So, in a gun to the head scenario, what 80s punk track would you sign in Diynamic and who would remix it?
SOLOMUN: Ton Steine Scherben – “Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht” (Stimming, Caribou, & DJ Koze-Remix)

Word on the street says you are also a huge fan of David Lynch and other intense film marvels: What is the most cinematic/dramatic dance track you can think of?
The Professional with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Track name Chi Mai from Ennio Morricone. This one came into my mind all of A sudden even it’s not a dance track.

Lots of your productions include some of the crunchiest layered clap-snare combos. If you had to sample one of those for the rest of your career, what track would you get them out from?
Gorge – “Keya”.


Trance music played an important role to your upbringing as a musician. (Adrian Schweizer) Could you share with us a proper trance track that still knocks its way into nostalgia today?
To name it Trance would be maybe a little to much but trancey influence you could say. Romboy vs Bodzin – “Atlas” is something which still kicks ass!

Switzerland is rich in… well, basically everything including classic music treasures. Could you hand pick an all-Swiss classic house or techno anthem from your first clubbing years?
Mental Groove and Cadenza were very forward thinking labels at the beginning of the 2000s. Luciano’s “Artamis” is definitely a special jam.

Ibiza seems to be a regular nest for your project. Is there a particular track that reminds both of you of your very first visits?
Our first visits were years ago, not playing but going particulary for Circoloco at DC10. One of the tracks which reminds us of this era is Slam – “This World” (Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme Bukklefipps Remix) which we played at our Debut in Circoloco on New Years Day.


THYLADOMID: We heard you were very into Villalobos. What of his tracks had the most influence on your upbringings?
The first time I heard this crazy track was from Villalobos himself at Harpune. He played the 30min original. After that I had to get some fresh air.

Your first approach to electronic music was at a club called 3001. Could you please share with us a track that reminds you of the club’s essence?
This track was one of the very first dancefloor experiences I’ve had. It’s a very strong but simple dance floor track. Still like it somehow.

You’re also a classical music enthusiast and an avid lover of Chopin. Best masterpiece from him?
All Chopin pieces are very melancholic. Maybe that’s why I love Chopin so much. “Fantasie Impromptu” is one the most beautiful chopin pieces.


If you ever had to play a record four and half times consecutively in the same set, which one would be your golden pick?
Oh, there might be a few, but I think I will go with “Odyssey” by Federico Locchi. This slow but steady constant build up gives me goose bumps every time. I think I could play this 4 and a half times.

Name a track that took you forever to ID.
“Things That Dreams Are Made Of” from the Love and Dancing album by The League Unlimited Orchestra. Forever.

Watch the stream HERE

Boiler Room Tulum Diynamic Takeover Solomun Adriatique, HOSH, Thyladomid, Madalena


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