Watch FED UP (if you haven’t already). [ You can also stream on Netflix. ]

Change your views on food. Share the movie. Food should nurture and heal, not destroy. Don’t let TV run your life. Turn your TV off. Seriously – get rid of cable TV. Read, research. Be curious about the world and don’t have someone else driven by money/profit decide what you see/hear/learn. Discover information for yourself. Decrease/quit soda and fruit drinks (drink REAL fruit juice – note: it doesn’t sit on shelves for months/years and doesn’t have have added sugar/preservatives). Pay attention to sugar intake/content. Notice all the added sugar, everywhere! Try to quit sugar (as much as possible). Eat more fruits and vegetables. Decrease/eliminate junk food [ avoid if it comes in boxes, bags and from fast food restaurants ]. Keep REAL and SUPER FAST foods with you – unsalted, raw almonds, apples, etc. (be mindful and aware of food allergies). Do your best to increase REAL/WHOLE food while decreasing FAKE/PROCESSED food. Do your best. It can be hard. Keep sharing these ideas and you will find support. Take care of yourself. Protect our future.



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