LifeMusicFun + Littlelight Present LIB 2015…


Littlelight’s first experience, in her own words:

“This was my first time at Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) and I can say it lived up to all the great things that I had heard. Overall, the beauty of the landscape and the way the main structures were built to wrap around and become part of the natural elements was spectacular. From the DJ tree house at the Woogie Stage (that blew my mind both during the day and with its light show at night) to the grand golden sails that hung from the enormous tree at the centre of The Favela Bar, nature and man came together to create beautiful settings that showcased incredible musical experiences.

One of the things I was most impressed with was that no matter which stage you walked by, the calibre of the artist promised quality music at every turn. Every stage offered its own unique style and crowd, offering a tantalising mix of visual and auditory joy. And wrapping it all was the natural mystic of Mother Nature herself.

LIB is definitely not all about the music though. Anytime of day and night I found something unique that caught my attention. What sets this festival apart (in my opinion) is that it covers all aspects of daily life by providing the space and opportunity for you to experiment and create the things you may want to take back back home. For example, one aspect that played front and center was the Food. From the Learning Kitchen, which offered a variety of speakers relating to cooking and food, to the smaller vendors that offered healthy, nutrient rich foods, you could experience and take back with you new ways of cooking home. Another offering that LIB had that most festivals I have been to don’t,  was shopping. The marketplace was filled with dozens of creative shop owners who offered (for the most part) hand made/crafted custom pieces ideal for festival wear. Shopping from a small retailer whom you can meet and learn about the pieces they created made experience so much more personal and meaningful.

My favorite part of LIB was the yoga and the physical healing aspects. All the yoga classes that I saw, whether in a small tent with limited number of yogis or on the large scale with close to a hundred yogis, each provided a deeply grounding and relaxing setting. The gongs and singing bowls were definitely a crowd attention getter but I felt the stability and power of those moments watching from the outside.  Many times, I found myself stopping to just listen for a while to the beautiful sound and vibrations they offered. Seeing how completely enraptured the participants who were laying on the floor enjoying the sounds and vibrations that came from these instruments made was moving.   Walking by the Healing Sanctuary I took in the space and energy that was created between healers and those that were visiting. You could see the emotions, tenderness, and relief that they were providing on their faces. Watching the healing and personal attention was enough to offer me some of my own healing.

My take away thoughts and lingering memories of LIB are of a beautifully planned and well executed festival that provided the mystical and colourful grounds for all the magic that the artists and attendees brought to the festival. The word Utopia comes to mind when trying to describe LIB, from the location to the people to the activities, what is created by everyone that attends is the closest thing that I have seen to a peaceful sanctuary for the spirit and body.”

Photo May 21, 9 33 20 PM

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