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“It’s about discovery and exploration. Not just going out and consuming your music or your other experiences. We want to bring experiences that help people grow and discover.” – Rob Scott (Further Future Co-Founder)

Further Future’s second edition took place on Apr 29-May 1 at the Moapa River Reservation outside of Las Vegas.

Having been to the first one I came full of expectations and although my experience was different this year I enjoyed it just as much. As with everything in life, when confronted with any situation, one can choose to embrace it for what it is, look at the bright side of things and make it count rather than focus on the negative. I’ve read a lot of the latter in the past few days and I feel sad for anyone who did not managed to turn those 3 days in the desert into magic! Yes it rained. A lot.. And surely no one was ready for such weather conditions. Donato, Neil, Voices from the Lake were cancelled on Friday night because of the rain. It felt miserable until we found the Void Village Tent where everyone gathered to an electrified Fort Romeau. Dixon took over and delivered a stellar 5-hour journey starting in the tent and marching over to Robot Heart as the clouds cleared, leading the crowd behind him. Mother nature had her last word on the festival Saturday afternoon and from then on everything flowed seamlessly to the rhythm of starry nights and sunrises.

Day activities included yoga, massages and IV drips at the wellness center as well as speaker series. Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, graced festival attendees with a lengthy public Q&A session, elaborating on the future of technology-driven industries and how they will shape our society. Other panels featured speakers on various subjects around music, technology, neuroscience and the future of humanity. Although some of the talks on neuroscience might have been a bit too technical, I learned a lot and thought they were a great alternative to the usual festival activities. Speakers were generally approachable and the crowd was keen to ask questions.

Musically, the selection of artists was broad enough to cater to most tastes. Caribou, Nicolas Jaar and HVOB drew near-capacity crowds at the Mothership Main Stage and all delivered stunning performances. Watching them under the desert sky created a truly unique experience. The Pharcyde and Easy Star All-Stars offered a change of pace from the deep house/electronic music scene.

Last, but not least, Robot Heart lived up to its reputation, despite a difficult start on Friday with Rampue canceling and weather disruptions. Satori describes his experience, “Playing on the Robot Heart bus was the highlight of my US tour.” He opened with an amazing set which turned everything around and set the tone for the rest of the weekend. YokoO carried the magic through the night and Lee Burridge brought playa vibes to the bus, with another legendary sunrise set.

The surprise after-party was my best memory last year but I missed most of the night this time as I finally allowed myself to sleep. I thankfully woke up in time to catch DJ Tennis and Anton Tumas close the festival with their magic.

Contrary to popular belief, the most challenging part at Further Future this year wasn’t the weather but trying to catch everything.

– Olivia Fernandez / LifeMusicFun

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